1. Profile of Creators

Masako Ujiie, Ms.

Table Decorator,
Flower and Table Arrangement Coordinator,
Table Arrangement Designer,

Finished Floral Art School in the USA.
Master, Ohara School of Ikebana
(flower arrangement),
Lecturer at Blossom of Naoko Table Coordinate School,
Leader, Flower and Food Spatial Art Coordinate School

Hiroko Tabuchi, Ms.   

Certified Sommelier, Certified Sake-taster,
Certified Table Arrangement Coordinator

Finished ZENBI Food Coordinate School,
Flower and Food Spatial Art Coordinator,
Leader, Leo's Table (food salon),
Leader, Table of Smile Club
(volunteers' group for preschoolers)
Member, TALK./TCSA,
Advisor for a local brewery,
Advisor for department stores and retailers in
table arrangement and merchandise arrangement,
Contributor for a bridal magazine,
Speaker for seminars on educational value of table
manners and table arrangement


2. Exhibitions



   When flower blossoms are in their full bloom and the hills are tinted with soft pink our heart is filled with the lively feeling of spring.
   The harbingers of the season, Sakura or cherry blossoms run through the Japanese archipelago from south to north.
   How about enjoying tea and sweets watching cherry blossoms under the faint moonlight. The teacups with cherry blossoms painting are Kyo-ware (from the kiln in Kyoto).



   Going into the woods as if you were chased by scorching sun, you will hear the sound of stream, see green leaves and blue sky on the water. You will forget the heat for a while.
   Today, let's enjoy crispy summer vegetable nurtured by the sun and fish from river!



   Pampas grass is swayed by the wind. The earth is enveloped by the glow of the sinking sun.
   Autumn, the season which makes you introspective. . When the leaves are turning red and yellow and the hills are glowing in golden colour, we are blessed with the bountiful harvest from the earth.
   With gratitude for the farmers' labour and nature's blessing the table is designed in maple colour. Vegetables and fish cooked in charcoal fire with sake make your body and heart warm.



   We are attracted by red camellia in falling snow, enduring the cold and, yet, displaying its beauty as if it is showing us the way of dignified living.
   In such a quiet winter night, let's make sushi using fresh fish from the frigid sea and enjoy the taste of winter.

"Zen - Zen Style 2006"


   We are living in the modern society where any news is broadcasted in an instant and people are pressured by the lack of time and the heavy burden of work. No matter how busy people are, they are always yearning for nature and tranquility.
   The world of Zen which can depict the universe in a 3.3 square meter garden(tsuboniwa) fascinates the urban dwellers. At a dinner time Friday evening why don't you sit at the table decorated with a tsuboniwa and relax yourself?